Ukulele Lessons for Kids

Ukulele lessons for kids are the ideal perfect first instrument, to begin with. Primary schools all over Singapore has been conducting ukulele lessons for students at primary 4 level. This is no coincidence. There are plenty of benefits to learn ukulele! For instance, it takes only 1 finger to get into the C-chord position. Definitely a confidence booster for many!

The common belief of Ukulele as a toy is not true either. Rockschool, the UK-based examination board, offers to grade up to grade 8! Ukulele players such as Jake Shimabukuro and the up and rising Feng E are also changing the game at a rapid pace. The once toy-like instrument has been taken seriously and creating wonderful and beautiful songs.

The cost has always been a consideration for many parents too. Buying a $1000 piano after a week of the lesson can be really challenging. While we can see the child’s interest now, we cannot predict how long will they be interested. Ukulele starts from as low as $30! For those who can afford to splurge, $100 can get you a really good model.

ukulele lessons for kids

Beneficial and in-line with primary school’s syllabus

Apart from teaching in our studio, Vinnie Classroom also conducts music programs in government schools. This means we are the ones that are crafting and conducting your child’s music lessons in school. It also means we know what are the requirements of the schools. Learning the ukulele allows the student to pick up aspects of music.

  • Rhythmic values through strumming patterns
  • Simple harmonizing of a song through chord progressions
  • The logic of how practicing helps with their progress
  • Learn about coordinating their ukulele playing with singing

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What age should my kid start learning ukulele?

The ukulele is ideal for young children from as young as 4 years old. We know many parents are afraid to invest in an expensive new instrument while they aren’t sure if their child even will enjoy playing music.  Ukulele is a great place to start because it can be so affordable.

Because learning the ukulele is less complex than learning the guitar or piano, it can be a great instrument for young learners. They can more quickly begin to play the songs they love.

As well as the small size, the easy to use fretboard is another reason why the ukulele is perfect for young children to learn. Each fret is clear to see, and the strings are easy to press down. Unlike a steel-string guitar, your child won’t get sore fingers from pressing the ukulele’s softer, nylon strings.

With the right teachers to guide your child, lessons will be enjoyable and satisfying. You’ll find our teachers committed and dedicated.

More Video Proof of our successful ukulele lessons for kids!

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Together with strong teaching pedagogies, and experienced, patient teachers, we are able to consistently help dreamers realize their potential. We have too many videos and cannot share them all on this page, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and view all our other amazing ukulele players!

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