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Mamady Keita

Mamady Keita | The passing of a Djembe legend

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Mamady Keita, The Djembe legend

We never fail to spread the gospel of Djembe legend Mamady Keita whenever we conduct our Djembe programs in schools. It is with sadness that we learn about his passing today. The music industry is forever in debt to him.

Mamady Keita Djembe

Djembe Program in Primary Schools

Students these days learn more than just the recorder, the Djembe program is one of the highlights! Students are often very excited to attend and give their fullest attention. Some feedback that it is great because it means a break from their academic lessons while others enjoy the fun of playing music. Northland Primary is one of the few schools in Singapore that conducts the Djembe program for the primary 5 and 6 students.

Djembe Singapore

Well researched and prepared music program

We are not embarrassed to say we as Singaporeans have very little understanding of the African instrument and culture. However, living in a mutli-racial country, we are often curious about other cultures! Hence, we did extensive research on the subject here at Vinnie Classroom. Ensuring we will be able to pass on the right information to the next generation. Our trainers also attends occasion lessons under local Djembe master Kelvin Kew!

Listen to Mamady Keita

Thanks to modern media solutions, you can now tune in to Mamady Keita’s music instantly!

Click here to listen to him on spotify now.

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