Acoustic Guitar Lessons for Kids

Our Acoustic Guitar Lessons have been a top choice for many kids over the years. Our experienced and dedicated teachers always find ways to make the learning process fun and enjoyable. So that your child is motivated to spend more time with his/her guitar!

The acoustic guitar is suitable for ages 10 and above. However, if you are looking to sign-up a child under 10 years of age, we will need to assess the child prior to lesson. This is because guitar, compared to ukulele, can be rather challenging for beginners. Having a difficult start may diminish the enthusiasm of a child who wishes to pick up any music instrument, so it is important to assess if the child is ready for this new challenge.

acoustic guitar lessons for kids

Vinnie Classroom’s Show Hand Technique

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Some common reasons why many children and even adults give up too early on the guitar: because they cannot get a good sound and their fingertips feel sore. We have heard this often but are confident that our guitar students do not have these problems. That’s because we are attentive to the tiniest details, helping students to fix wrong postures and bad habits early. Vinnie Classroom’s “Show Hand Technique” is also a proven secret formula to get fingers in the right position to produce the best tone in the shortest time!

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Video Proof of our successful Acoustic Guitar lessons!

If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Together with strong teaching pedagogies and experienced, patient teachers, we are able to consistently help dreamers realise their potential. We have too many videos and cannot share them all on this page, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and view all our other amazing students!

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