Bass Lessons for Kids

With 3/4 sized bass guitar available today, bass lessons are now suitable for kids too! Bass is the foundation of a band. Without a bassist, a band will have a weaker sound. Try this experiment, roll the bass off your speaker and listen to your favorite songs.  Your favorite songs will likely be less impressive to your ears.

Traditionally, the piano is the key instrument to allow children to have good music education. Bass guitar lessons work very well with the music syllabus set by MOE schools too. With the coverage of rhythmic value and note reading, ear training and even improvisational skill, our lesson outline will check all the checkboxes.

bass lessons for kids

Rockschool Examination Syllabus for the most in-demand position in a band

The world is saturated with singers, guitarists, keyboardists, and drummers today. The role of bassist is often vacant! This means you are on the path of being the favorite person amongst your musician friends. The bassist is the most important piece of the puzzle in the construction of a band. The low frequency makes the song sounds bigger. Try listening to a song and then set your equalizer to remove the bass frequency, it sounds thin and empty all of the sudden.

What better way to measure the progress of the student by learning actual rock songs and use them in your exam? Rockschool is a UK-based music examination board with fully accredited qualifications and global recognition. While we will never insist on our students on the examination route, students who do get a chance to document their progress. Some also choose to take the examination as a kind of challenge for themselves. At the end of the day, it is a win-win taking exam or not.

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If a picture paints a thousand words, a video is worth a million! Together with strong teaching pedagogies, and experienced, patient teachers, we are able to consistently help dreamers realize their potential. We have too many videos and cannot share them all on this page, so be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and view all our other amazing bassists!

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