Fingerstyle Guitar Lessons

Fingerstyle guitar has been something that many are searching high and low for a place that offers good lessons. The main reason for the lack of teachers available simply has to do with the number of years fingerstyle has been this popular. In the 90s, the acoustic guitar was one of the most preferred instrument. Almost every house you visit, you will be able to find one sitting at the corner of their room. However, these people do not practice fingerstyle on their acoustic. As a matter of fact, the word “fingerstyle” doesn’t really exist in the guitarist’s vocabulary. The common term was just “plucking”. Rock bands were popular and they often have an acoustic tune or 2 that everyone would learn and sing-along. For example, Mr Big “To Be With You” or Extreme “More Than Words”. These tunes are not written like how a fingerstyle song would have. A fingerstyle song comprises of the melody, harmony, bassline, and percussion played together by just 1 guitarist.

Fingerstyle found a home in Vinnie Classroom when Vinnie first heard and met Tommy Emmanuel during his first show in Singapore back in 2005. Vinnie fell in love with the idea of a one-man-band. The ability to play both beautiful melodies and harmonies gave the acoustic a brand new purpose! Over the years, Vinnie developed teaching techniques to help students conquer the seemingly impossible feat. Students who got hold of the basics will eventually be able to arrange their own fingerstyle pieces too!

fingerstyle guitar lessons

Systematic approach

If you have been listening to all the big names in the fingerstyle world, you are likely to want to jump right into one of their songs. While there are easier songs, to begin with, our method starts by getting students to work on nursery songs! Yes, that is right, back to the very basic! If you ask anyone what they think of “Mary had a little lamb”, they tell you it is a kiddy song. If you ask any Vinnie Classroom’s students, they tell you it is their first challenge in the fingerstyle world. The right approach to fingerstyle is to be able to see how to incorporate the same, but a huge collection of, skills to different songs. Much like a language, once you understand the concept, you are free to compose your own sentences.

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