Perfectly written music for students of every level

We don't print scores anymore!

Hello music students of every level, say goodbye to buying books! Because of technological advancement, you may never need printed scores anymore.

Vinnie Classroom uses Noteflight as our main transcribing platform. Students get access to perfectly transcribed scores with speed adjustable playback function. This means even if they forgot a certain section of their homework, they can listen to how it is supposed to sound and get right back on track! Have I mentioned that they can view their homework on any digital device?

We cater our transcription to students of every level with a high level of flexibility! Want to learn a popular song but it is too technical for your level? We can simplify it. Want to learn how to add variations and complexity to a song you can play? We can spice it up. Found scores that are just not as accurate? We can fix it. This level of customization means students will be able to progress at their own pace confidently!

With 7 years of operation, we have plenty to go around...

Music Score Singapore

Our archive of transcriptions and lesson materials accumulates as Vinnie Classroom progresses through the years! New songs are constantly being transcribed as students request them. Want a song from the 70s? got it. Kpop? Yes, we have them. Looking for a score of a song that has been released today? Let’s start working on it!

Homework can be accessed anywhere!

As long as the student has access to an internet browser, he/she will be able to pull up the homework! This means gone are the days where students are unable to find their homework. It also means that parents are able to have a look at what their child is learning anytime.

Work in progress... Always!

Students will no longer rely on guess works to recall the solo they have created for their graded examination. Teachers will be able to work together with them and write them down in proper notation. This helps students to be sure of what their composition is and also to strengthen their music theory and sight-reading ability. And when creativity strikes, they can always modify what they have written. As perfectionists, we understand that no work is ever complete!

For casual learners, they will also be able to edit parts of the arrangement to better suit their current ability. This can help to take the pressure away or to add more for those who are looking for a challenge!