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Phase 2 Heightened alert Zoom Lesson

Zoom Guide for HBL – Phase 2 Heightened Alert

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Phase 2 Heightened alert Zoom Lesson

Phase 2 Heightened Alert Zoom Lesson

This isn’t our first round of conducting Zoom Lessons so there isn’t anything new during this Phase 2 Heightened Alert period. However, we have updated our Zoom Guide to keep up with the software updates and included new practices that students should be aware of.

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SG United

SG United Instagram Filter | Let’s show how united we are!

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SG United Instagram Filter

We created some Instagram filter (s) to show our support to the SG United spirit! By now, most of us are probably used to the WFH and HBL lifestyle. The amount of time we saved on travelling also means that we gained time for other things! Some use this to bond with their family better and some take physical health more seriously. For Vinnie, apart from teaching and practicing his guitar, he took the chance to pick up a new skill. Making Instagram Filters!

SG United Instagram Filter

SG United Face Mask

The idea behind creating this filter is to get people to spread the important message of wearing a mask. So while we ask you to wear a mask when you are out doing essential work, we encourage you to continue to spread the message through social media too. To date, we still see endless reports of people disobeying the Circuit Breaker rules. Citizens are not taking the CB seriously enough. This means the effort of those who obey the rules will go to waste. So let’s continue to share the important message in our fight against this pandemic.

How to use the filter?

Unfortunately for Facebook users, these filters are currently only available on Instagram. If you have an Instagram account, click on the link below to access them. Alternatively, you can search for Vinnie Classroom on Instagram and look for the filter in our profile.

SG United Instagram Filter

SG United Instagram Filter

Stay Home Instagram Filter

Stay Home Instagram Filter

Click here if you wish to find out more about SG United!

covid 19 on air

We shared how the COVID-19 has affected us on radio | Didn’t went well…

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We shared how the COVID-19 has affected us on air

We went onto the radio to share how the COVID-19 has affected music schools in Singapore. Although we are supposed to be in a technological advance phase of human history, we are still not savvy enough! The live video call was hit hard by audio issues, viewers could not hear from our side. We tried all settings and nothing works. In the end, we had to ignore the video function and go old school.

covid 19 on radio

We shared about our challenges

We talked about how we tackled the restrictions due to the COVID-19 situation. Basically, our business is now fully dependent on the power of video conferencing. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps out there to help us out! Zoom, Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger!

What are the basic requirements for Home-Based Learning?

home-based learning singaporefull home-based learning

Home-based learning isn’t as daunting as many would have thought. All you need are a reliable internet connection, a device that allows video calling and a room without your little brother disturbing you. If the piano sits in the living room of the household, family members will simply have to find a place to “hide” while the music lesson is taking place. However, with the new WFH and HBL going at full force, we are certain that families out there are readjusting their furniture to meet the new work and school requirements.

Here’s the radio interview!

Conclusion on the COVID-19 sharing session on radio

Firstly, a big THANK YOU to Kenneth Jianwen, Nana and Love 97.2fm for this opportunity to share our thoughts on the current situation! Though the session was short but it gave us an opportunity to share with everyone that music schools like us in Singapore are ready to provide the best music education for your child! Covid-19 or not.

While our *Free Trial Lesson is usually conducted in our centre, we now do it over a webcam! The experience you get will be beyond your expectations! If you are not sure, you can drop us a text on facebook messenger too!