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Paul Gilbert Behold Electric Guitar Asia Tour Singapore 2019

Paul Gilbert Live In Singapore 2019!

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Guitar master Paul Gilbert here for Asia Tour 2019!

Paul Gilbert live in Singapore 2019! Paul Gilbert is one of the reasons Vinnie Classroom exists today in Singapore. Since emerging on the scene with RACER X, so many lives around the world have been transformed by his mad skills – his amazing speed and accuracy, along with beautiful melodious phrasing. But to the general public in Singapore, this name is probably not so well-known. So just who is Paul Gilbert?

Paul Gilbert Biography

From platinum album sales and number one chart success as a founding member of MR. BIG, to frightening the guitar community with new levels of ferocious picking technique with shred-pioneers RACER X, to exploring punk, pop, classical, blues, jazz, and progressive instrumental styles in his solo career, Paul Gilbert has recorded a massive amount of stunning guitar music, all while circling the globe to play sold-out arenas from Japan to Jakarta.

Paul’s style stands out for it’s rare combination of accuracy, creativity, and power – all which are balanced with Paul’s sense of humor and pure love of music.

Although Paul is best known for his work with MR. BIG and RACER X, he has also toured with Joe Satriani’s G3, played in a host of tribute concerts with legendary drummer Mike Portnoy, and been integral in the design of his signature Ibanez PGM and Fireman guitars.

Paul Gilbert Racer X Vernon Solos 2019

Paul Gilbert posing with his wall of guitar cabinet back in Racer X days.

Paul’s legacy as a guitar instructor began when he was eighteen, when he was hired to teach at Hollywood’s Guitar Institute of Technology. Paul’s groundbreaking “Intense Rock” videos and DVDs have inspired legions of guitarists to improve their accuracy, speed, and phrasing. Years as a columnist for Guitar Player magazine, and most recently, Premier Guitar magazine, along with giving countless clinics, private lessons, and serving for five years as the dean of MI Japan, have given Paul deep experience in the art of communicating music to all levels of guitarists.

Over twenty-five years in the music business have only increased Paul’s passion to explore the possibilities of music and the art of playing the guitar. Whether he’s playing to 10,000 fans or jamming one-on-one with a student, Paul is living his childhood dream of taking the sounds in his head and bringing them into reality – on the electric guitar.

Manager Tim Heyne

Why you should attend the concert

Musicians from the golden era of rock music are now granted with greater mobility to travel around the world. Thanks to Inokii, this is the first time we can experience Paul Gilbert live in Singapore 2019 as a solo artist! This means less of talking and singing, more of his wonderful showcase of his guitar mastery! If there is anything you would like to know, the venue Substation is not a particularly big space. This means you get to go really up close to Paul even if you enter the hall as the last person! Therefore, missing this show will be a huge loss for any guitarists or aspiring musicians!

  1. Paul Gilbert performing as a solo artist for the first time in Singapore!
  2. More guitar shredding, less singing!
  3. Small venue means a ridiculously close-up view of Paul on the guitar.
  4. Missing out this show is not advisable.

Where to get the tickets?

Tickets are available from BookMyShow.com. Early bird tickets are all sold out, but if you are a student of Vinnie Classroom, you get special discount from us! Speak to our admin today! This is because I truly believe I have the duty to get as many people to know about my hero as possible. Furthermore, what’s there to lose?

Also, the number of VIP tickets are down to the last few! With so many freebies that come with the VIP ticket, you must get it!

VIP Meet & Greet Package Includes:

  • Concert ticket x 1
  • Item to be autographed x 1
  • Individual photo with Paul Gilbert x1
  • VIP lanyard x 1
  • VIP tag card x1
  • Priority entry queue x1
  • Asia Tour T-shirt (S/M/L/XL/XXL) x1
  • Behold Electric Guitar CD album x1

Paul Gilbert Live In Singapore 2019 Promo Video

Good morning #PaulGilbert fan. Pls like and share this beautifully crafted video by our team #hea Paul Gilbert – Live In Singapore 2019 Behold Electric Guitar🇸🇬🎸Only a handful of VIP tix left.Details at event page. Date of m&g is 1 day before the show 9 December 2019 (timing to be confirmed) tentatively evening.

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Jack Thammarat Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons with Jack Thammarat (My experience)

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Guitar Lessons with Jack Thammarat!

If my video hasn’t sang enough praises about my guitar lessons with Jack Thammarat, let me emphasize that again! It was such a rewarding trip. I feel very thankful this took place! I guess the lesson was not so much about how to pick faster or how to play crazier. It was about how to discover and rediscover myself. It is only when I discover more about my own routine, habits and attitude then I can move forward. However, you probably need not start with someone like Jack to correct your playing. If you are keen in improving your guitar playing, sign up for a trial lesson with us!

The first hand experience!

If you have not read my detailed blogpost about this experience, you may proceed with this link and read more about it. Sometimes, it is easier to write them down in words. But if you had, then this video above should be next for you!

Interview with Jack Thammarat

If you are waiting for the interview video I did with Jack Thammarat, subscribe to my youtube channel and set the notification bell on. I will be premiering it on 24th September 1am Singapore Time, or 23rd September 1pm GMT -4. 

My Current Goal

Jack Thammarat Youtube Silver Play Button

Jack Thammarat’s Youtube Silver Play Button

I know most people don’t regard this as anything special or significant. Youtube creators has repeatedly shared that having a huge subscriber base does not equate to more views per video too! However I feel that should I cross the 100,000 subscribers mark, I will be able to get my work out to a greater group of audience. Furthermore, they subscribed to me because they like my contents! So if you have not subscribed to my youtube channel and you agree with my hardwork in creating all these contents, please consider subscribing.


Compass Awards Presentation 2019

Compass Awards Presentation 2019

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Compass Awards Presentation 2019

The Compass Awards Presentation 2019 is no strangers to musicians of Singapore! This is probably the most celebrated event in Singapore for musicians! Composers, Lyricist and musicians gathers at this highly anticipated event annually without fail. Catching up with old friends, meeting new people, opening up new opportunities, the night was nothing less than amazing!

The Cocktail Session with the right atmosphere

Compass Dinner Singapore 2019

Cocktail Session before the dinner!

I’ve been to many cocktail sessions and mostly they are rather dull and boring. However because musicians are primarily social animals, the amount of socializing is off the roof here. Evidently from this photo, people are mostly in the best spirits and are having the time of their life!

Vinnie Classroom at Compass Dinner

After registering ourselves for the dinner, Zee and I took a drink and were ready to start chatting with people. It did not take long before Remy hit us up!

Remy Fan Evil Singing Panda

When guitarist gathers, they share about their latest guitar adventures. In this case, I shared about my recent trip to Thailand to have lessons with Jack Thammarat. Remy (Evil Singing Pandas) is a big fan of Jack Thammarat too and we spent quite some time talking about our common idol.

Ma chère Mademoiselle… the dinning room proudly presents your dinner…

The door opened on time and we were all greeted with a magnificent and grand setup! I’ve to say, after attending 10 years of Compass Awards Presentation, they never stop trying in improving their ballroom decoration!

Compass awards presentation 2019

We were also treated to a sumptuous 8 course meal! Food and service was definitely first class. However, we were mostly not there for the food. It was the night of music! A night of celebration! A night of showcasing what a vibrant and successful music industry we have in Singapore! I personally was excited to see what are the Awards of the night and who are the successful musicians who are receiving them! As a Singaporean, I am proud that we have such a well established music industry despite the country has never emphasized on music!

The Awards and their Recipients!

Below are the list of awards and their respective recipients! Congratulations to all who attained them tonight. To those who didn’t keep it going! In the words of Louis Soliano

There is always room for one more and that one more could be you

  • Wings Of Excellence Award – Lee Wei Song
  • Wings of Excellence Award – KahChun Wong
  • Top Local Songwriter Of The Year – JJ Lin
  • Top Local Artiste Of The Year – JJ Lin
  • Artistic Excellence Award – Ann Hussien
  • Artistic Excellence Award – Derrick Fitzgerald
  • Meritorious Award – Nona Asiah
  • Meritorious Award – Louis Soliano
  • Top Local
    • English Pop Song – Lin Ying
    • Chinese Pop Song – JJ Lin
    • Soundtrack – Li Fei Hui

Best Catching-Up Session!

The dinner may have brought joy to those Award Recipients but we all know the true joy is when the musicians gets to meet and chat! The photobooth was constantly filled with laughter and table shots with friends were taking place every minute of the night!

Jimmusic Compass 2019

Jimmy of Jimmusic with his wife Carol. Jimmy does all sorts of production work! Hit him up!

Find out more about Jimmusic if you need a production team for your music career!

Vinnie Classroom Parents

Kelvin sends his boys to Vinnie Classroom for drum lessons! He is a Chinese Rock music composer!

Send your kids to Vinnie Classroom too! We currently offers *Free Trial Lesson!

Hong Junyang Compass 2019

Hong Jun Yang! Best known for his participation in Project Superstar 2005! He now tours with JJ Lin as one of the vocalists!

Follow Hong Jun Yang on Instagram now!

Compass Photobooth 2019

Photobooth filled with aspiring and well known musicians!

Compass Dinner superstars 2019

The night was also filled with superstars everywhere! Can you identify those I captured from tables far away?

Watch the video if you are not satisfied!

If after reading this entire article and you still wish to learn more about the night, I’ve pieced up a highlight video for you!



Like said, despite attending 10 years of Compass Awards Presentation dinner, there was never a dull moment. I learned something new, got to know new friends, met up with those old friends and got seriously motivated to push harder again! Every year’s dinner reminded me that I am indeed in very good hands for hustling on my music career. All I need to do is to keep trying! Maybe someday someone out there will be writing an article about me instead. Well I’ll keep that back in my bucketlist and crash for now! Thank you Compass Singapore for hosting this annual event! It was an honour to be an attendee for all these years!


Jack Thammarat Singapore

Jack Thammarat is my Teacher!

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I can finally call Jack Thammarat my teacher! 

Jack Thammarat and Singapore

Jack is no stranger to Singapore and has been coming for masterclasses, clinics and shows in our sunny island over the years. He was here doing shows as early as 2012! Mostly thanks to his success in the 2009 Guitar Idol competition, his endorsement with various brands and the small but active guitar scene in Singapore.  Because he is such a successful artist, it would be hard to imagine that I can call him my teacher one fine day!

How I first met him

Jack Thammarat Wala Wala Singapore

Jack Thammarat and students of Vinnie Classroom 2016 at Wala Wala Singapore

It was during a clinic he did back in 2016. Vinnie Classroom was still a very young music school and I was desperate to make it work. If you can imagine, I was feeling hopeless from time to time. However, the stars aligned and we received information that Jack will be coming for a clinic. I gathered my students and brought them to the show and boy were we all inspired! His playing was phenomenal and may I say again, inspiring. After he left, I started working really hard on my guitar all over again. Our students were also motivated to perform better during our recital. Of course, he don’t know what magic he did for us.

I went Chiang Mai for lesson!

Yamaha guitar Thailand

Took this photo the moment I reach my hotel in Chiang Mai

So after a about a year ago, I met Jack again in another Masterclass he did in Singapore. This time, I felt the need to bring things to another level. I was hoping to have lessons with him, probably Skype. Never have I expected that it would land me on a flight all the way to Thailand to have intimate lessons with him!

Surreal Lesson Experience!

Guita lesson with Jack Thammarat

My view for the full 60mins was nothing but astonishing! Jack’s playing is nothing short of jaws dropping. However he didn’t get this because he was born genius or because “he simply has it”. It was nothing but extreme hardwork. Having a one-to-one lesson also made me realised so much about my own playing! Jack would ask me to play some lines and he will immediately set to work on checking on all my flaws and habits. I never knew I was so bad in my guitar playing. However, that is ok and as a matter of fact AWESOME! The best way to improve is knowing where you are wrong and correct them accordingly! I felt I practically improved by a whole lot in just the first 60mins than if I were to continue working hard blindly for another year. This is the thing I always emphasize about having an actual guitar teacher than doing skype lessons or learning from Youtube lesson. It is just unbeatable.

Jack Thammarat Masters Japan Guitar Pick

Jack Thammarat has some awesome new picks made for him!


At the end of the lesson, I was given 3 guitar picks and A HEAP OF HOMEWORK! I will be spending the next 2 days practicing hard in Chiang Mai before I go back for another lesson with him! After that, Jack will be continuing his tour with Wang Leehom in China. These guitar picks are his latest signature picks and I had to say they feel really good on the strings! There is this rubbery texture that helps with the grip. The sharp end of the pick cuts the string at just the right angle. The size feels great and most importantly I like how it is Red and Gold. Jack’s logo looks really awesome too! Ok too much of talking.. I should head back to the woodshed!

I set my guitar on fire

I Set My Guitar On Fire and it is a Gibson SG!

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Yes that is right, I actually set my guitar on fire! Now I know that many will be out there ready to call my move a gimmicky one or simply a “click-bait”! It is more than just that.

I was influenced by Jimi Hendrix

You see, as a guitarist, I’m a rather big fan of Jimi Hendrix! I was always fascinated by that iconic moment when he lit his guitar on fire with zippo ON A LIVE SHOW. I will certainly not get a clearance in doing this on any stage I perform so I choose doing it in a controlled environment. So, if my guitar sacrifice ritual is a gimmicky move, I guess so can be said for the legendary Jimi Hendrix.

I set my guitar on fire

I set the Gibson SG on fire

I’m actually particular about my guitars!

On regular days, I am very careful with my instruments. I was from a concert band beginning and was a trombonist. We were taught to take very good care of our instrument from day 1. Not even a fingerprint was supposed to be seen. So trust me, burning this guitar is quite a scary moment for me. However, over my years of working in a guitar store, I picked up the skills for repairing and modifying guitars. With that confidence in mind, I took this old guitar I had lying around for a really long time to prove a point. Will the paint on the guitar body help against the fire? I was also interested to know if I can create a unique finish through this ridiculous move! Or will I simply destroy a guitar and offer it to those above.

how to pack a guitar in a flight case

See how careful I am to my instruments? I just added bubble wraps to the inside of the flight case! I don’t trust the flight case! As to where I am headed to, follow my Instagram to find out more! It’s gonna be a very exciting trip!

Going on a trip!

Yes as mentioned above, I’ll be off on a rather exciting trip! I can’t wait to share more here! To get a more instantaneous update, follow my instagram now!


However, if playing guitar is all you wish to do, you can find out how here.

You can also find out if I will restore this guitar into it’s former glory if you subscribe to our youtube channel!


Rob Scallon World's Largest Pedalboard

World’s Largest Pedalboard, a Singaporean’s take!

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Rob Scallon World's Largest Pedalboard

Sweetwater and Rob Scallon sets the world record for World’s Largest Pedalboard!

If you are living under a rock, you will be delighted to learn that someone made any guitarist’s dream come true by chaining up a total of 319 effects pedal to 34 Temple Audio Duo 24 Templeboard ! A complete madness for anyone who understands what all these means. But everyone knows how this is going to turn out, a heap of noise! Still, it did not stop these adventurous people from putting it all together! I’ll put the link of the video for the world’s largest pedalboard at the bottom of this post.

But here in Singapore, if we have any talent at all, we are extremely good at setting the world records! Though some are really silly, we have some impressive records too!

World's largest pedalboard has nothing on Singapore

‘Senital’, a robot made out of 79,854 balloons by Ms Lily Tan and her team of 50 people!

  • Most number of blind dates in 12 hrs (536 was looking to get attached)
  • World’s longest Satay (140.02m!)
  • World’s largest cupcake mosaic (110.6 sq meter)
  • World’s longest Chain of Helmets (yes they basically align them next to each other)
  • Most number of Vinyl Records Smashed in 30 seconds (They destroyed 38 vinyls that day)
  • Largest Cha-cha dance (3379 participants)
  • Largest Limbo dance (1208 participants)
  • Most game of Scabble played simultaneously
  • Most game of Sudoku play simultaneously
  • Most number of people skipping simultaneoulsy
  • Largest Egg and Spoon race
  • Most number of people married in a single location in 24 hours

Point is, now that Sweetwater and Rob Scallon set the world record for the largest pedalboard, they are only sending out invitation to a boring country like Singapore to take it over. Or we may not do it at all because it seems the records our country did are usually rather nerdy! Anyway, here’s the video of the record setting event!

If you wish to skip the video,

Click here to skip all the chatter and watch him play through all the pedalboard

Click here if you want to see the part where all Hell Broke Loose!