We track them all...

With our online portal, students and parents can be sure that nothing is missed out!

Meet our digital Admin! Every student at Vinnie Classroom will be given access to their personal account with us. The online portal helps keep the operation clear and concise! Below are the capabilities of our online portal.

For students…

For parents…

  • Check on the calendar regarding their child’s lessons
  • Receive lesson notes and homework instructions for their child
  • Check on due payment and payment history
  • Receive payment invoices
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Lesson Notes, Done Right

Our digital system keeps lesson notes organized as it should be. Oh yes, we also made a point not to forget your birthday!

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Music Lesson schedule
Music school invoice

Accurate Invoicing

Our system sends out accurate digital invoice.

Student/Parent makes payment

Bank Transfer, Paynow, Cash or Cheque!

Payment received, Lessons secured!

Sit back, relax and pop a cold one because your life just got a whole lot easier by using our payment system.
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