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Every song is unique

Whether it is for the graduation ceremony, celebration of founder’s day, or national day classics, every song has it’s own DNA. When we arrange your song, it is never about our agenda. Your song arrangement must fit the expectation you have in mind!

Every song we do is through detailed communication and understanding. While we will be able to offer our expertise and artistic directions,  you have the final say about the direction of your song.

FAQ : Audio and Video Services

Can you create a song from scratch?

Yes. All songs are created from penning down ideas together with our clients. The only limitation is imagination.

Do I have to provide the melody?

The ideal situation is for our clients to provide us with their melody. This will help to drive the final product closer to what our clients had in mind. However, if you are not well versed in composing your own melody, we will be able to compose one that will fit your requirements too!

Do I have to provide the lyrics?

We do not handle the lyrics for our clients. This is because the messages our clients are looking for in their songs can be very personal. Sometimes, there will also be acronyms or slogans that only our clients will know best. However, we do provide artistic advice when there is a need for it.

What if I do not like the song you've created?

This will only happen when a client has a change of plan on what they want as the final product. We usually discuss the project at great length before commencing on our work.

Do you provide filming services?

Yes! Our videography service is highly customizable to suit your needs.

Can you edit with videos from my phone?

Yes, that is possible. However, we will advise you to engage with our videography service if the video quality is a top priority.

Can I direct how the video should be?

Absolutely! It is your video. While we are really good at what we do, keep in mind that we are not Pixar, Netflix, or Hollywood. 🙂

Let's do it!Let's do it!
Song Arrangement and Video Edit Demo

Or Remix the Classics!

Because sometimes, we just want the same old song with a new dressing!

What they say…

after receiving their songs

Our students really love the song and are singing it again and again!

WindsorSchool Leader

Your arrangement made my melody shine!


My colleague and I agreed that it was the nicest bit of the concert when your song was played!



It's time for your song

Because music from other artists will never express your message clear enough!