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Compass Awards Presentation 2019

Compass Awards Presentation 2019

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Compass Awards Presentation 2019

The Compass Awards Presentation 2019 is widely known to musicians of Singapore! This is probably the most celebrated event in Singapore for musicians! Composers, lyricists and musicians gather at this highly anticipated event annually without fail. Catching up with old friends, meeting new people, opening up new opportunities, the night was nothing less than amazing!

The Cocktail Session with the right atmosphere

Compass Dinner Singapore 2019

Cocktail Session before the dinner!

I’ve been to many cocktail sessions and they are mostly rather dull and boring. However, because musicians are primarily social animals, the amount of socializing here was off the roof! Evidently from the above photo, people were in the best spirits and are having the time of their life!

Vinnie Classroom at Compass Dinner

After registering ourselves for the dinner, Zee and I had our drinks and were ready to start chatting with people. It did not take long before Remy hit us up!

Remy Fan Evil Singing Panda

When guitarist gather, they share their latest guitar adventures. In this case, I shared about my recent trip to Thailand to have lessons with Jack Thammarat. Remy (Evil Singing Pandas) is a big fan of Jack Thammarat too and we spent quite some time talking about our common idol.

Ma chère Mademoiselle… the dinning room proudly presents your dinner…

The door opened on time and we were all greeted with a magnificent and grand setup! I have to say, after attending the Compass Awards Presentation for 10 years, they never stop trying to improve on their ballroom decorations!

Compass awards presentation 2019

We were also treated to a sumptuous 8-course meal! Food and service was definitely first class. But we were not there just for the food. It was the night for music, for celebrating and showcasing Singapore’s vibrant and successful music industry! I personally was excited to see what the Awards of the night were and who were the successful musicians receiving them! As a Singaporean, I am proud that we have such a well-established music industry even though the country has never emphasized music!

The Awards and their Recipients!

Below are the list of awards and their respective recipients! Congratulations to all who attained them! To those who didn’t, keep it going! In the words of Louis Soliano

There is always room for one more and that one more could be you

  • Wings Of Excellence Award – Lee Wei Song
  • Wings of Excellence Award – KahChun Wong
  • Top Local Songwriter Of The Year – JJ Lin
  • Top Local Artiste Of The Year – JJ Lin
  • Artistic Excellence Award – Ann Hussien
  • Artistic Excellence Award – Derrick Fitzgerald
  • Meritorious Award – Nona Asiah
  • Meritorious Award – Louis Soliano
  • Top Local
    • English Pop Song – Lin Ying
    • Chinese Pop Song – JJ Lin
    • Soundtrack – Li Fei Hui

Best Catching-Up Session!

The dinner may have brought joy to those Award Recipients but we all know that true joy is when musicians gets to meet and chat! The photobooth was constantly filled with laughter and table shots with friends taking place every minute of the night!

Jimmusic Compass 2019

Jimmy of Jimmusic with his wife Carol. Jimmy does all sorts of production work! Hit him up!

Find out more about Jimmusic if you need a production team for your music career!

Vinnie Classroom Parents

Kelvin sends his boys to Vinnie Classroom for drum lessons! He is a Chinese Rock music composer!

Send your kids to Vinnie Classroom too! We currently offer a *Free Trial Lesson!

Hong Junyang Compass 2019

Hong Jun Yang! Best known for his participation in Project Superstar 2005! He now tours with JJ Lin as one of the vocalists!

Follow Hong Jun Yang on Instagram now!

Compass Photobooth 2019

Photobooth filled with aspiring and well known musicians!

Compass Dinner superstars 2019

The night was also filled with superstars everywhere! Can you identify those I captured from tables far away?

Watch the video if you are not satisfied!

If, after reading this entire article, you still wish to learn more about the night, I’ve pieced up video highlights for you!



Like I said, despite attending 10 years of Compass Awards Presentation dinners, there was never a dull moment. I learned new things, got to know new friends, met up with those old friends and got seriously motivated to push harder again! Every year’s dinner reminds me that I am indeed in very good hands for hustling on my music career. All I need to do is to keep trying! Maybe someday, someone out there will be writing an article about me instead. Well, I’ll keep that in my bucketlist and crash for now! Thank you Compass Singapore for hosting this annual event! It was an honour to be an attendee all these years!