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Joanna Lim wrote the toughest song ever | Parallel Vortex

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Joanna Lim wrote the toughest song, the Parallel Vortex

Joanna Lim is no stranger to composing tough songs like Parallel Vortex! In fact, there is a reason why this amazing keyboardist is a friend to the god of keyboard Jordan Rudess. However, there are more than meets the eye. We are lucky enough to sit and chat with Singapore’s goddess of the keyboard.

Joanna Lim

Firstly congratulations again on your 2 babies! Firstly your very adorable son Denver and secondly your album Parallel Vortex! Can we confirm that you are the most hardworking Mother/Musician in Singapore?

Thank you for having me, Vinnie! I guess being a mom really unlocked strengths and abilities that I never knew I had. Haha 

Being a mother is serious work! What is the driving force behind writing your album while raising a baby?

I think being a mom is really the toughest job in the world (kudos to all moms out there!). Parallel Vortex was actually written before having a kid. I told a Chinese newspaper reporter that I wanted to write something for my late dad who passed on in 2008 due to cancer.  After much procrastination and agonizing years of writing and recording, I finally got it out of the system in 2020. I was recording till my third trimester because I knew I would not have time to do so with a kid around.

keytar singapore

I know you from your Zero Sequence days! Totally impressed by those forward-tilted keyboards with fast running note actions. That was a long time ago, what has changed for you?

Age. Haha. Playing with a keyboard tilted is not good for your wrists. As time goes by, my setup for gigs becomes smaller (lazier to carry more things!) and more efficient (thanks to technology!)
I do miss those days with the adrenaline rush from all those fast notes. Nowadays, I get my adrenaline from open jams with improvisations. I love those spontaneous moments and the chance to play with many different musicians.

You play the piano, keyboard, and saxophone in your songs. If you want to introduce yourself with one of your songs, which will it be and why?

This is a tough one because every track represents different stages of my life. If I were to pick one, perhaps the first track – Parallel Vortex? The song has a mix of everything. From heavy guitar riffs, double pedals, and synth to mid-tempo fusion solos and it has a symphonic ending.  Pretty much gives you the summary of the entire album.

saxophone singapore

As a musician from Singapore, what do you have to say to budding musicians who have the aspiration to be like you?

Friendship and family first. Never sacrifice the above just to pursue your music career. Love people and the musicians, jobs, and inspiration will come to you. Be yourself. 

Do you have any juicy stories to share?

I don’t really have any juicy story to share. haha
However, do check out my husband’s albums too! Simon Yong’s second guitar instrumental album – The Nasty Catawumpus was also released in 2020. We wanted to release our albums at the same time. I guess the “healthy competition” between us pushes each other to write and record. Now we have each started writing for our next album (cannot lose out. haha)

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Amanda Tee - The Only Absolute

Amanda Tee | You can definitely relate to her new song about Covid-19

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Amanda Tee, Singapore’s folk-song enchantress wrote a tune about the Covid-19

I remember it was circa 2007 when I first saw Amanda Tee slinging the guitar the wrong way on stage, way before anyone would even entertain the idea of a Covid-19 world. We were so innocent back then and life was simpler. I initially associated her with Jimi Hendrix but quickly realized her style to be unique and entirely different from the psychedelic rock master. That young girl has since released multiple albums and singles, each better than before. In today’s post, I sat down with her to talk about her latest single, The Only Absolute.
Amanda Tee - The Only Absolute

Your new single, The Only Absolute, seems to be talking about your life experience. Can you share more about the inspiration behind this song?

Yes, you’re right! This song was written in the middle of all the uncertainty we were embroiled in last year. Not knowing what was going to happen with the pandemic getting worse and with the country in lockdown, 

This song really embodies the thought process of a lot of people last year, when they had the time to sit down and think. 

I thought about being young and hopeful, and about having grown up very lucky, with the people I love around me. About my fellow musician friends who were bummed about losing a significant part of their income without any idea when they can play again but still exploring options on how to get by in the meantime. Also, those remarks made by my comfortable middle-class friends, who felt that government assistance was too much for those who need it, “they should have been more prepared for a rainy day like this”, “we shouldn’t have to bear the tax burden for these people”. Soon I started thinking about the awfulness of the world, then when it got too deep I realized maybe I needed to get out of that black hole. I remember the people I care about and how they can be the pillars in my life to keep calm and carry on.
That’s really it. I’d thought it would be less relevant to the world by the time I released it, but I guess I thought wrong!
Amanda Tee

I know you even before you first released your music in 2014, Amnesiac. It has been 7 years since that album! What has changed?

A lot has changed since 2014. I remember I was still printing CDs when I released that album. It was just the beginning of Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Because of the increased prevalence of music streaming over the years, the emphasis is all about frequent single releases now! Rather than anticipating 2-3 years for album releases. It’s a big change. However, it’s heartwarming to see all the original artists in Singapore moving with the times and adapting to it.
Amanda Tee

Who are your songs written for?

People who enjoy folk music, old-school singer-songwriter lyrics, along with some not-so-straightforward musicality. Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Tori Amos, and a whole lot of other songwriters have been huge influences to me.
Amanda Tee

If you have to choose a song you wrote that defines you as Amanda Tee, which is it and why?

To be honest, I think my new single The Only Absolute would be it. This song has all the instrumentations that I love in folk music and melodies that I love.

As a musician from Singapore, what do you have to say to budding musicians? Especially to those who have the aspiration to be like you?

Just do it! Don’t think too much about whether it’s the right thing to do. Don’t let anyone else do that thinking for you too. 

So what is next?

I’m planning to release a full album later in the year, so keep your ears peeled for that! Meanwhile…

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Mamady Keita

Mamady Keita | The passing of a Djembe legend

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Mamady Keita, The Djembe legend

We never fail to spread the gospel of Djembe legend Mamady Keita whenever we conduct our Djembe programs in schools. It is with sadness that we learn about his passing today. The music industry is forever in debt to him.

Mamady Keita Djembe

Djembe Program in Primary Schools

Students these days learn more than just the recorder, the Djembe program is one of the highlights! Students are often very excited to attend and give their fullest attention. Some feedback that it is great because it means a break from their academic lessons while others enjoy the fun of playing music. Northland Primary is one of the few schools in Singapore that conducts the Djembe program for the primary 5 and 6 students.

Djembe Singapore

Well researched and prepared music program

We are not embarrassed to say we as Singaporeans have very little understanding of the African instrument and culture. However, living in a mutli-racial country, we are often curious about other cultures! Hence, we did extensive research on the subject here at Vinnie Classroom. Ensuring we will be able to pass on the right information to the next generation. Our trainers also attends occasion lessons under local Djembe master Kelvin Kew!

Listen to Mamady Keita

Thanks to modern media solutions, you can now tune in to Mamady Keita’s music instantly!

Click here to listen to him on spotify now.

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Guitarist Singapore

Shern Wong wrote a song for his late father | Musicians in Singapore

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Shern Wong, Musicians in Singapore

This is a series of blog posts where we get to speak to musicians in Singapore and today we are featuring Shern Wong. Shern is no stranger to the local music industry on this sunny island. However, most students we teach have little clue about the music scene in Singapore because it is rather inaccessible. For instance, musicians perform in a nightspot that isn’t kids friendly. Also, promotional materials typically fail to reach their audiences. Hence we are using our platform to do our tiny part in contributing to the community!

Shern Wong

Let’s begin the interview!

Thank you again for doing this interview 🙂 Let’s begin!
  1. You just released an album earlier this February and now an upcoming Single this June! Are you officially the musician in Singapore who has released the most music in 2021?
I honestly don’t know! Never thought much about it. Perhaps amongst my personal musician friends maybe I have released more music than them. Everyone’s so focused on releasing singles these days I’m the only crazy (old-fashioned) one who still believes albums are relevant. But then again we still have half a year to go for 2021 so we never know. Maybe someone will release a double album!
2.What inspired you to write your songs? Who are they written for?
My latest single “Song for Dad ” was written for my Dad who passed away in December last year. I would say I get inspired by things that happen in life: personal experiences and things that happen around the world and of course relationships. I hope that people can relate to the songs that I write no matter what the subject is.
3. I know you since your teenage years when you are in the band Defuse! How do you compare yourself from your yesteryears and now?
I used to think that good music was only songs that were technically impressive and had complex difficult to pull off guitar solos/drum parts and insane high-range vocals. I used to scorn simple songs with only three chords strummed on an acoustic guitar. Nowadays, I believe that good music is music that makes you feel something, and simple songs can be great as well. 温柔 by Mayday is a good example of a simple song that sounds great and invokes a lot of emotion. I long to write a song like that someday.
Singapore Music

Musicians in Singapore are a tough bunch!

4. If you have to choose a song you wrote that defines you, which is it and why?
It really is difficult to choose a song that defines me because I feel that there is a part of me in every song that I write, and everything I’ve written is a reflection of my musical taste. But if I had to pick a song that resonates the most with the type of music I enjoy (rock music with bluesy elements) it would be “Sunshine Sugar Baby”. Also, the theme of the song is about breaking away from the feeling of jadedness, which is something musicians face constantly.
5. As a musician from Singapore, what do you have to say to budding musicians who has the aspiration to be like you?
Practice hard. Be humble and open to criticism. Do your best, accept the fact that you won’t be able to please everyone all the time. There’s no shortcut to greatness, your skills improve as you do things and create music, so don’t be afraid to try, even if the task seems difficult at the moment. Stop hesitating, if you want to do something, do it: you will never be truly ready/prepared for it because there’s always one more higher level to achieve.
6. Do you have any juicy information to share?
I heard that the boys from Defuse are getting together to release some material in future. (Hopefully) Stay tuned!

Listen to Shern’s music today!

Chapel Lung

Chapel Lung | Shern Wong

Hop onto Spotify to listen to Shern’s album Chapel Lung.

Follow Shern on social media to find out how you can go the old school way and buy his CD! (If you know what that is)

Check out the teaser for Shern’s latest Single below! The actual release will be on 20 June 12pm!

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how to practice your instrument

How to practice your instrument | We analysed our best students

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How to practice your instrument

how to practice your instrumentThe question of “how to practice your instrument” is perhaps one that has been asked many times but often ignored. Here in Vinnie Classroom, we see a fair share of students who are able to grow steadily on their instrument and those who are pretty much stagnant. Hence, we decide to write this article about the common excuses and how to tackle them. This article aims to help those who feel that they are in limbo with their instrument to get better!

I need a better instrument

drum lesson zoom

Our student doing drum lesson over Zoom video conference

While this is true to a certain extent, it is often not the case why you are not improving on your instrument. Music teachers around the world have been proving the fact that we are able to perform the same passage on both the student’s instrument and our very own workhorse. But that’s not to say it will be easy to make it sound good on the cheaper made instruments. The key here is understanding and tunning yourself to the instrument you have on hand. Every instrument has a slightly different setup and feels, this in return requires you to adjust your playing habits to accommodate. So no, don’t go shopping for a more expensive instrument until you understand what you are shopping for.

I don’t have time to practice

piano zoom lesson

Our student doing piano lesson over Zoom video conference

Time indeed is tough to manage for many of us. School students, especially those in Singapore, struggles to find time out of their heavy load of school work. Adults are often filled with commitments they must fulfill before setting aside time to indulge themselves with their instruments. However,  times and times again, we have seen students who ace in their academics doing really well on their instruments. We also have working adults with kids progressing steadily despite their tight schedule. So what’s their secret?

Perhaps the most important ingredient when it comes to time management isn’t how well you plan your day. It is about addiction. How addicted you are to improve on the instrument?

Some of our students see practicing their instrument as a form of relaxation from their schoolwork. They aim to finish their schoolwork swiftly to earn more time on their instrument. This does not equate to filling in the blanks on that pesky homework with random answers. That will often stall them, resulting in more time needed in correction work. Instead, they make sure they understand their subject well and do it with a clear mind.

Working adults does things with a different approach, they plan their schedule properly. Setting aside valuable time during the day to clock some mileage in. It could be when their children are showering, the few minutes in the morning before they head for work, or even right before dinner is served. Again, the concept is still the same. It boils down to how much do you want to improve on your instrument. Clocking in the mileage is a sure-fire way to getting better.

I did practice but I am not improving!

zoom piano lesson

Our student doing piano lesson over Zoom video conference with multi camera angle for better experience

If you did all of the above and are still not improving, then we need to dive into your practice routine. After all, we are diving deep into understanding how to practice your instrument in this post! Many of our students who are confident they practiced but not showing results, often practiced wrongly. Yes, there are specific ways to get that effective and efficient practice in.

  • Do not play the song from the start till the end!

This is a typical mistake that students do. The idea they have is as long as they played all those notes on the score, they have practiced. Well technically yes they did practice but they merely practice how to relate the note on the score to the note on their instrument. Often times ignoring timing, technique, articulation, and dynamics. So if you are guilty of doing this, stop. Instead, zoom in down to just a few bars at a time. Work on them until you are able to perform them perfectly. Once you are ready, you can then add more bars to that practice routine. Eventually, you will be playing the song from start till the end but with a very clear mind of every aspect of the music.

  • Do not practice without a metronome

Metronome is likely a student’s worse nightmare. Every so often, a student will blurt out “can we do without the metronome”. Understandably so, the metronome is a merciless machine that embarrasses you as soon as you are out of time. Syncing to the metronome can be a mammoth task for many. So why do we want to practice with a metronome and how?

For a start, a band can only function if everyone is able to play together. The timekeeper will always be the drummer. The band will sound bad no matter how well everyone is playing if the main timekeeper is unstable. Solo instrumentalist, however, enjoys the liberty of performing a song in Rubato. So unless you want to be performing alone, time to practice with a metronome!

Assuming you have never practiced with a metronome, start off by working on scales. Scales are a great way to help you tighten your playing to a metronome because the notes are fixed and you have already memorized them by heart. This means your ears, more likely the brain, have more capacity to hear if the notes and the metronome clicks are locked in together.

The clicks will disappear underneath your notes when you are in sync with the metronome. 

From there on, practicing without the metronome will feel almost alien. The most basic metronome clicks to the main tempo but the more advanced metronome allows for subdivisions. Meaning, you can now set it to click on every quaver instead of crotchet, or if you need to practice some triplets, or if the time signature is at 5/4. Ultimately, a good musician will be able to hear both the metronome and the notes they play at the same time. They can combine the 2 information together to get perfect sync to the tempo. So dust off your metronome and start practicing with it today!

I now mastered “How To Practice Your Instrument”

Hold up! While we wish to congratulate you that you’ve understood all that you need to do to be practicing your instrument effectively and efficiently, this article has not covered every aspect of it. It merely is a rough guide to getting better. Practicing an instrument, like any other things you wish to perfect, requires a lifetime of dedication. It requires a lot of motivations too and motivation can come from various factors. Fame, money, or personal skill accomplishment? Understanding why you want to improve on your musicality is perhaps the start of why you want to read this article in the first place.

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Phase 2 Heightened alert Zoom Lesson

Zoom Guide for HBL – Phase 2 Heightened Alert

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Phase 2 Heightened alert Zoom Lesson

Phase 2 Heightened Alert Zoom Lesson

This isn’t our first round of conducting Zoom Lessons so there isn’t anything new during this Phase 2 Heightened Alert period. However, we have updated our Zoom Guide to keep up with the software updates and included new practices that students should be aware of.

Download Zoom Guide

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NUX Recto Distortion – Possibly better than Mesa Boogie

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NUX Recto Distortion

The buzz has been around the NUX Recto Distortion because of the incredible tone at a fraction of the cost of the original amplifier. Yes, we are talking about a dirt cheap pedal that sounds just as good, if not better than the full-size Mesa Boogie! Intrigued? Let’s find out more.

NUX Recto Distortion

NUX Recto Distortion – More than just a cheap pedal

That famous distortion tone

Allow me to share my knowledge with those who are unfamiliar with the world of heavy distortion. When we talk about rock guitar distortion, the brand Marshall quickly comes to mind. However, Marshall isn’t known for its ability to create the saturated distortion guitar tone.  The closest you can get is probably when Eddie Van Halen was using the Marshall Superlead, but even that is far from a saturated distortion guitar tone. Enter Mesa Boogie.

Mesa Boogie did not start off creating amplifiers with crazy distortion but I’m glad they did! The name Boogie came about when young Carlos Santana tested a Princeton amplifier that was modified by Randall Smith. After testing the amp, Carlos exclaimed that “the amp really boogies“.

Mesa Engineering then went on creating some of the world’s best amplifiers. Amongst the top of the list sits the Rectifier Series. Metallica, Blink 182, Korn, and Linkin Park were just the tip of the iceberg on the list of artists who uses the Rectifier series amplifiers.

As such, it is easy to understand why people are seeking to have that same great awesome tone in their rig. BUT here’s the catch. Mesa amplifiers are never on the cheap side. Imagine you are just looking for something that can get as close as possible to the legendary tone but not break your wallet. That’s when the NUX Recto Distortion comes into play.

Nux Pedals

Who is it for?

If you are already using a Mesa amplifier like my Mark V, this pedal is not for you. However, if you are looking to reduce the risk of bringing your Mesa amp outdoors but still looking for a tone close enough, this is the deal. This pedal, albeit being very cheap, isn’t targeted at beginners. It has such a complex-sounding tone that a seasoned guitarist will be able to appreciate. I A/B this pedal with my Mark V and I was certain that I have to keep this on my pedalboard! But before you go ranting, yes I agree my Mark V is no Rectifier but let’s agree that it’s a close match, shall we? 🙂

With that, this pedal is actually targetted at anyone who wants the Rectifier tone for whatever reasons! It’s also made cheap enough for you to just “splurge”.

NDP 2020

NDP 2020

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NDP 2020!

NDP 2020

Wow, in a blink of an eye, we are going to celebrate NDP 2020! If you are following Vinnie Classroom’s Youtube channel, you will probably know how big we are on NDP songs! We did covers, rearrangements, and even karaoke versions for the whole family to sing-along to! Our original plan for this year was to rearrange Nathan Hartono’s Everything I Am into a more upbeat version. However, I was commissioned by Northland Primary School to rearrange 2 NDP classics for their school celebration!

Singapura, We Are Singapore!


I am so glad the school chooses these 2 songs for NDP 2020 celebrations! They are definitely on the top of my list! But since these are really old songs, I felt the need to rebrand it into something the students of this generation will remember. Hence at the start of the song, you can spot familiar sounds such as the traffic light beeper and the ding-dong of the public bus! I admit I also mischievously added the sounds made by game consoles when I was a kid. Let’s take it as my way to connect with this generation.

I added the Koel bird in the first draft for presentation to the school but was rejected. hahaha. 

Past NDP Song Arrangements

In the past years, we made a few attempts in creating our own NDP song arrangements because they are the songs of our nation. As music teachers, we cannot miss the opportunity to do our part in sharing the joy! Below are the clips that you can sing at the top of your voice with your friends and family this NDP weekend!

The curse of castle dragon

The Curse of Castle Dragon | Cover by Vinnie Mah

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The Curse of Castle Dragon

Paul Gilbert has many well-known songs and The Curse of Castle Dragon is definitely on the top of the list! Any Paul Gilbert fan will be able to tell you the technical challenges in this song. They will even tell you how each part is played at the most detailed level. Or if I played anything wrong in this video. But I feel I have something else to express through this song cover.

Learning straight from the master, Paul Gilbert

paul gilbert interview singapore

If you don’t know, I was very lucky to be able to interview Paul Gilbert when he was here in Singapore for a gig in 2019. You can read all about my nerve-wracking experience here. On top of that, I am also part of his online music school at ArtistWorks.com

The motivating factor

I started playing guitar at an age that’s considered too old by many. Impossible to be able to reach the standard I so desire. I had no teachers or could I afford one then. But I stumbled upon the great Paul Gilbert and his “Down to Mexico” video. The insanely fast and accurate picking with fancy costumes and the quirky greenscreen background caught my attention right away. Not to mention how humble Paul was. That became my catalyst to pursue in guitar playing. It took me 15 years to find the courage to cover “The Curse of Castle Dragon”! I fell in love with the song when it was first released and had been messing around the sections of the song over the years. Never have I found the right phase of my life to put it together.

That was until I met Paul last year. I had the privilege to chat and interview him during his gig in Singapore back in 2019. It felt so surreal to be standing right next to someone who I watch on videos and admired so much for all these years. I told myself, that has to be the sign for me to start taking my life seriously.



How to be a successful band | A story of 5 musicians

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How to be a successful band

To be a successful band is perhaps one of the hardest questions and nobody knows just exactly how.  The number of bands that go unheard and their effort waste is a common story that we have been listening to for too many times. Bands have also invested heavily in financing their dream only to see little results. It does not have to be that way. It can be easier and it can be possible for a band without a rich investor or strong management to succeed. In this post, I will be sharing the experience I had with my fellow band members about our journey chasing the dream and what you can learn from it.

singapore musician

Music moves people

I’m sure you have heard of this phrase many times. Music is a powerful tool that can change a person emotionally. If you are feeling unhappy, the right music can make you feel better again. Feeling tired and needed something to help you pull through, music can boost your energy level. Want to tell someone a message but don’t want to be too blunt, music can help you do so subtlety. Music is also there for all occasions. Weddings, funerals, parties, graduations and so on. Music is simply essential in our daily life.

However, pretentious music often or not won’t work. People can smell a lie from miles away. Nobody likes a song that pretends to have a deep meaning, only to be written for the sake of going with a “formula”. There are simply way too many bands that write songs based on formula after attending music programs from schools that promise stardom. Lyrics must be real and relatable and there are no 2 ways to that.

In 讨闹排Razzleplay’s album, we wrote exactly what we were going through at that period of our life. There are songs about our energy in pursuing our dream. Some songs about our daily life. There is also a song that portrayed a BGR (Boy-Girl-Relationship) of one of our members. Every song is written about us and tells our story. If you want people to hear you, be honest about yourself.

indie musician singapore

Never show anything lesser than who you are

I remember how we will spend hours and hours in the rehearsal studio together. Our typical schedule is from post-work hour till about 3-4 am. A single song can be practiced over and over countless times. A perfect take in the rehearsal studio is simply not good enough for us, we want to be able to do it perfectly every single take. Our body will often be sore and aching after practice. We will usually be sweaty despite coming out of an air-conditioned room. Everyone’s ears suffer from the perpetual ringing sound.

We do this because we know how it works. When you are out there to showcase, you only have one chance to get it right. You have to get it right comfortably. It shouldn’t be a game of chance and luck. Coming off the stage telling people how lucky you are on stage is irresponsible to everyone who loves your band.


Reach out!

One of the reasons 讨闹排Razzleplay was forging ahead from other bands at that point was simply because of how they were found. We had no social media to rely on and youtube was mostly unheard. People prefer traditional mediums then. So we prepared and mailed our album along with photos and write-ups, all in a beautiful and customized plastic-file. To promote our album, we also contacted every single shopping malls to ask for a performing space. Our plan was to get heard by as many as we can and we are not cutting any corners. If you are hosting a small event and needed a band, we will be there. Perhaps you are hosting an open mic, we will be there. How about if you are not going to pay bands for their work on stage, we will be there.

The primary mistake for many bands today is valuing monetary gain over anything. Indeed, money is important to fuel the band for the long haul. But asking for money too early can easily backfire on your desired journey. Musicians often ask about how much they will be paid before agreeing on a gig. Now don’t get me wrong that I support the idea of paying musicians with exposure. To me, that can only be applied to musicians who have reached a certain level of recognition and fandom. The primary goal of the young band is to get heard. Putting a dollar sign in your conversation with the next gig manager is like putting a “Do Not Disturb” sign on your hotel room door.

Gigs in singapore

Use Social Media

This couldn’t be easier enough today but it hasn’t been the case when 讨闹排Razzleplay was active. Some would often complain that social media platforms restrict their audiences and they cannot beat the algorithm. While that is true, it is surely better than trying to succeed with absolutely no social media to help. Social media is complicated. It is not just about how the platform’s algorithm restricts your audience but also how you use it.

Imagine chancing upon a musicians‘ Facebook post. This is the first time you heard of this person and you know nothing about him/her. However, in the short Facebook post, the musician is asking you to subscribe and share their content. Why will you be doing that for someone you know absolutely nothing about? Imagine you are walking down a shopping street and someone hands out a flyer to you. What are the chances that you will be taking the content in the flyer seriously? I believe you got my point. Social media is powerful, way more powerful than when Razzleplay tried giving out flyers. Also, don’t restrict to a just few favorite social media platforms. Your audience could be found in every of the available platform.

How to be a successful bandUFM 1003 radio chart

The story of 讨闹排Razzleplay on becoming a successful band

You may argue that our band is no way near your definition of success. Or may say this is a typical story of an indie band. But you might just be right. However looking back, 讨闹排Razzleplay was one of the best things that happened to my life. The whole rollercoaster ride experience cannot be found with many others going through that phase of their life. The lessons and experience we got from it made us much better in what we do today. Because of that, I can tell you that we have succeed.

I’ll try to be concise with the story. Simin and I wanted something more than working in a music store so we decide to try forming a band like many others. I roped my brother Victor in on the drum and Simin called her friend Siling in to sing. We posted on a forum to audition for a bassist, Sean was the first to reply to us. Then came many hours of jamming sessions and we realized we can be quite a topic. Then many hours of brainstorming, discussion, practices, and we became one solid unit. We wrote our first song and recorded our first singles. We got good responses from friends and supporters. Motivated, we worked on a full album. It brought us to big gigs we could never have imagined. One of our songs also hit the 9th position on the radio chart. Probably one of our proudest moments because our song was rank amongst the big labels and international artists!

how to be a successful band


让我会到一切美好的回忆,停留一秒也足够”, translates as “allow me to reminisce the wonderful memories, even if it’s just for a second”.

Our lives come in phases. There will be no signals to prompt you that you are moving into the next phase. If you missed your window of opportunity, there is no going back. If you desire to achieve something but procrastinate on it, you will lose it. My message to all the aspiring musicians out there, do it. You have no time to waste.

I shall end this blogpost by sharing our full album for free for the first time since we released it in 2009. In the video, you will get to enjoy our photos and go through the journey with us. If you want to be able to view these photos, they are still on our inactive Facebook page.

讨闹排Razzleplay is Vinnie Simin Siling Victor Sean.