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VCRX Vinnie Classroom Recital

VCRX – Vinnie Classroom 10th Anniversary

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VCRX – Vinnie Classroom 10th Anniversary Recital

VCRX Vinnie Classroom Recital

Vinnie Classroom 10th Anniversary Recital – VCRX

VCRX – Vinnie Classroom 10th Anniversary Recital
Celebrating a Decade of Musical Excellence: Reflections on Our 10th Anniversary Recital

As we gather to celebrate Vinnie Classroom 10th anniversary of our music school (VCRX), we are filled with immense pride and gratitude during this recital. Our recent recital was not only a showcase of our students’ incredible talent but also a testament to the journey we have undertaken together. This milestone is a significant one, marked by perseverance, dedication, and the unwavering support of our community.

Vinnie Classroom Music Lessons

Students performing at Vinnie Classroom Recital

A Journey of Perseverance

Our music school’s inception was fraught with challenges. Establishing a place where aspiring musicians could nurture their talents required hard work and determination. From finding the right instructors to creating a curriculum that balanced technical skill with artistic expression, every step was a learning experience. We faced skepticism and financial hurdles, but our belief in the transformative power of music kept us going.

Overcoming the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic was an unprecedented challenge that tested our resilience. As the world went into lockdown, we had to swiftly adapt to ensure our students’ musical journeys continued uninterrupted. Transitioning to online lessons was no small feat; it required upgrading our technology, training our instructors, and reimagining our teaching methods. We encountered obstacles, from technical difficulties to maintaining student engagement, but our community’s spirit never wavered.

During this period, the support from parents and adult students was invaluable. Parents trusted us with their children’s musical education, adapting to new routines and ensuring their children remained committed to their practice. Adult students, too, embraced the new normal, finding solace and joy in their lessons amidst the uncertainty. Their dedication reinforced our belief in the importance of music as a source of comfort and resilience.

Post-Pandemic Growth

As we transitioned out of the pandemic, we faced new challenges. Returning to in-person lessons required careful planning and adherence to safety protocols. However, this period also presented opportunities for growth. We integrated the best aspects of our online teaching into our in-person classes, offering a hybrid model that catered to diverse needs. This adaptability allowed us to expand our reach and accommodate students from different geographical locations.

Students of Vinnie Classroom putting their best foot forward

Students of Vinnie Classroom putting their best foot forward

A Heartfelt Thank You

Our 10th anniversary recital was a resounding success, a celebration of not just our students’ progress but also the collective effort of our entire community. We owe this achievement to the unwavering support of parents who entrusted us with their children’s musical education. Your belief in our vision has been the cornerstone of our success. To our adult students, your enthusiasm and commitment have been truly inspiring. Your passion for learning and growth has enriched our school in countless ways.

Looking Ahead

As we look to the future, we are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead. We remain committed to providing high-quality music education that nurtures talent and fosters a lifelong love of music. Our journey has been shaped by the challenges we have faced and the community that has supported us. Together, we will continue to create beautiful music and inspiring stories.

Thank you for being a part of our musical journey. Here’s to many more years of harmony, growth, and success! Empowering the next generation through music!

With heartfelt gratitude,

Vinnie, Zee, Leonard and Victor
Vinnie Classroom

Download Beautiful Photos By Florian Here
Download link will expire on 30th June 2024
Vinnie Classroom Reunion 5

Vinnie Classroom Reunion 5

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Vinnie Classroom Reunion 5

Vinnie Classroom Reunion 5

Perhaps the best reunion of the year! The Vinnie Classroom Reunion!

Vinnie Classroom Reunion was perhaps the main highlight for many of us! It was an event that was shelved for 2 years due to the pandemic and its regulations. Most of us ended up forgetting what it is like to be on stage, to perform with others, and the point of learning an instrument altogether. But that 2 years of darkness are over and we are so glad we did this.

VC recital

Why Reunion?

If you are a long-time student of Vinnie Classroom, you would have noticed the change in our recital name. Coined by our dear Ms. Zee, we changed the title from Vinnie Classroom Recital to Vinnie Classroom Reunion. The new word couldn’t be any more appropriate, the event is literally a reunion of everyone from VC. We get together to mingle, feast(on light snacks), perform, and cheer each other on! While it does move away from our big and formal show, this new format gives us the warm and fuzzy feeling of a big family coming together!

The Quiet Set

VCR 2022Piano Recital Singapore

Piano Lessons SingaporeGuitar Ukulele Singapore

We had a very different recital format as compared to our previous attempts. There are no dim lights, no colorful moving lights and the room isn’t black! Instead, the stage was presented with this clean and white look, representing a fresh start like a blank canvas. The performers were also separated into 2 different sets, the Quiet and the Noisy. For the Quiet set, the audience was treated to a collection of beautiful performances from our Piano, Acoustic Guitar, and Ukulele students.

The key advantage to this format of performance is to allow our students to have the freedom to choose a song that represents them the best. They can go for a technical piece to showcase their current abilities or a song that made them fall in love with their instrument. Compared to performing in a band, performing solo/duet means they can express themselves better!

The Noisy Set

Drum Lessons for kidsDrum Lessons Singapore

Drums Sg

As the name implies, the Noisy Set definitely changed the atmosphere with all the loud thumping! Drummers provide the heartbeat to a song, setting the grooves and tempo right! Our new recital format allows our drummers to shine by choosing songs that best allow them to demonstrate their level of musicianship.

Band life forever

Rock band Singapore

Students performing Sweet Child O Mine

Although it is a great idea to showcase our student’s musicianship, nothing beats the fun of jamming in a band! Solo performances focus on technicality and individuality, lacking the option for students to practice teamwork and coordination skills. So why only 2 bands for this recital? Well, long story short, COVID. The ever changing rules and regulations made it impossible for us to plan our recital and to coordinate students for rehearsals. It wasn’t until mid 2022 that we were given the green light to run live performances, but by then it was already too late. Students are budding musicians, not seasoned performers. They need a good amount of preparation time to get themselves ready before they can hit the stage.

Kids band Singapore

Students performing Bad Guy

If you have noticed, there are no singers on stage! And yet, the kids band performed Bad Guy – Billie Eillish and the adult band performed Sweet Child O Mine – Guns and Roses. 

The secret is… AUDIO ENGINEERING! 

Students were actually performing to a backing track that contained parts like vocal, sound effects and misceallaneous percussion tracks. Sent directly to their In-Ear-Monitor (and not to the audience) includes the metronome and various guides to keep them oriented throughout the performance. This type of performance requires musicians to be extremely sensitive to the tempo with no room for errors. The tempo sensitive nature allows syncronized background video. Enhancing their performance and bringing the quality of the show to the next level.

Vinnie Classroom is planning on offer Rockschool’s Music Production . Contact us if you are interested!

Any videos?

Yes! But they are still baking in the oven. Check back often!

Plans for next recital?

With Covid-19 restrictions out of the way and our first recital in 2 years done and dusted, we feel the confidence on embarking onto the next one. The next recital will definitely feature more bands, more impressive solos, more jaw dropping duets and most importantly another round of happy reunion! Join us for lessons today and be part of our next reunion!

June Holiday Music Camp 2022

June Holiday Music Camp 2022

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June Holiday Music Camp 2022

June Holiday Music Camp 2022

Vinnie Classroom’s June Holiday Music Camp 2022 is finally here. Covid-19 restrictions have forbidden us from running our very fun and exciting music workshops for the last 2 years. Join us in this highly anticipated music program!

Music Camp Overview

  • Round robin system, each participant will go through 4 stations in total. Each station runs for 30mins.
  • Each group has a maximum group size of 3 participants. Total 12 participants per session.
  • Date: 21st, 23rd or 24th June. Participants can sign up for any of the dates as long as there are available slots.
  • Time: 10am to 12pm.
  • Program Fee: $59 (No gst or admin fee)

Overall Expectations

  • Participants will get to experience the instruments they have always wanted to learn!
  • Our program’s lesson plan is structured around MOE’s music lesson guidelines. This helps them to feel more confident with their music lessons in school.
  • Making new friends is a must in this program! Participants will get to interact with students from various schools and levels, enhancing their social-emotional skills.

How to Sign-Up for this June Holiday Music Camp?

Message us on Facebook Messenger or drop a text on WhatsApp right now! Slots are limited so do hurry 🙂

Facebook Messenger ChatFacebook Messenger ChatWhatsApp Chat
Random Music Note Generator

Random music note generator is great for ear training

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Random music note generator is the best!

Random Music Note Generator

As music teachers, we often wish for a random music note generator that can help us train our students. Thanks to the wonderful Dave Cohen, the much desired software is born! Below is a screenshot of the software in action!

Ear Training

Random Music Note Generator can be confusing to use!

I know you are hoping to dive straight in for some serious ear training right now!
Here’s the link to the amazing software :https://random-music-generators.onrender.com (update 2nd Dec 2022)

However, let us be your guide before you spend time feeling the agony of this very customizable system. Starting with the most important settings you need to get it right, Note Range.

Setting it up!

Note Range

Because the system is designed for almost any instrument, it covers an extremely wide range of music notes. The software is written in midi! Therefore, it has a range of 0 to 127.

Music Note Range

But since MIDI code makes little sense to most musicians, let’s go with note range as per the piano layout! To set the system for your instrument, follow the settings below.

Ukulele is from C4 to B5
Guitar is from E2 to E5
Bass is from E1 to E3
Piano for Melody, try C4 to C6

Melody Characteristic

Scale Pitches: This option allows you to generate a random passage based on the Key (Tonic Note) and the Scale (Tonality). This option does not allow you to choose a specific group of notes out of the entire scale.

Custom Pitches: This option allows you to generate a random passage based on the music notes you have input. This option requires you to know exactly what notes you want the system to use. However, you will need to enter them in terms of Note name and Octave range. An example will be, Middle C will be C4.

Max Jump: This option tells the system how far apart can the adjacent note jump away from each other.

  • Max Jump = 1: C to D
  • Max Jump = 2: C to D or C to E
  • Max Jump = 3:  C to D or C to E or C to F
    etc …

No. Melodies: This option tells the system how many random melodies do you want to generate at a go. From my experience, generating 20 melodies takes about 0.01324820582038 seconds. Well, pretty fast.

Rhythm Characteristic

Time Signature: How many beats in a bar!

Tempo: How fast!

Constant Rhythm: If you select this option, all the random notes generated will be following the same Note Duration you have choosen.

Varied Rhythm: If you select this option, then the system will create a random rhythmic pattern for the random notes. Maximum randomess!

Note Duration: Crotchet? Quaver? Your choice!

Number of notes: This is a little odd for me to understand but it basically generates the number of notes you want per passage. So if you choose the default 10 for a 4/4 time signature. The system will generate 10 notes and effectively create 2 and a half bars of music. I recommend you to stick to the correct number of notes based on your time signature. For example, 4 or 8 notes for a 4/4 time signature.


This option is useful if you do not wish to set the entire system all over again everytime you shut your browser. There are also some built-in presets that you can explore.

All ready! Hit that Generate button now!

Well not quite. After exploring the melody generator, I’m sure you are curious about the Rhythm and Chord Progression generator. I will dive deep into those in the next article but below is a brief summary of what they are capable of.

Rhythm: This is great tool for drummers! It generates a random rhythmic pattern and students can try to pick it up just by hearing.

Chord Progression: If you take music examination (for example Rockschool), you will know that the hearing test has 2 sections. The 2nd and most dread section is to identify chords in a chord progession and then performing it back to the examiner. This tool will definitely help students to devise strategies and techniques to tackle this tricky test.


To conclude. The ability, or lack of, to hear music note has always been a nightmare for many musicians. Don’t start envying those who were born with the perfect pitch! They often complain about how they get nightmares when other musicians don’t play in tune. Above all, music note recognition, much like singing the pitch of the note right, requires training. And while this tool is amazing, it is not going to instantly gift you the ability to hear the music notes. Proper guidance, techniques and practice is a must to attain this seemingly impossible feat.

JHS Rat Pack Joyo Splinter

Proco Rat Clone Pedal | The Hits and Misses

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Proco Rat, possibly one of the most cloned pedal.

JHS Rat Pack Joyo Splinter

Unless you have been living under the rock, JHS just released their version of the Proco Rat clone pedal! So far, it has been taking over the industry like the Black Death. But is the JHS rat clone any better than any other clones that came before? Or, has it surpassed the original and claimed the throne of THE rat? Let’s take a look at the top 10 Rat clones that came before.


Joyo – Splinter

Joyo Splinter

Joyo Splinter is actually very cleverly named! The 90s will definitely know the Master Splinter of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reference! Splinter is inspired by the Proco Fat Rat, spotting the exact same controls. It is switchable between a more amp-like tone versus the original tone with mosfet/germanium clipping diodes versus stock silicon clipping diodes. The stock and fat switch does as it says, boosting the lower frequencies to produce a beefier tone at the flick. Cowabunga!

Pros: Getting the classic Fat Rat at a fraction of the price. Sounds really awesome!

Cons: The filter knob seems to be tuned too dark for most usage. I had to set it to 10 most of the time to get a decently bright tone. I explained more about this issue in my video below!

Master Splinter Theme SongMosky Black Rat Distortion

proco rat clone

The Mosky Black Rat Distortion is perhaps one of the most talked-about rat clones in recent pedal history. This is simply due to the fact that it is dirt cheap and comes in a tiny form factor! Traditional pedals are not exactly big and modern ones are getting smaller. However, the trend of mini pedals took off about 3 years back and everyone has been building their mini rigs ever since. Proco on the other hand has not been helpful. Fans have been asking for a mini rat for years. But instead of announcing a pedal in the “standard” mini pedal format, Proco went ahead with their usual rebellious character. The Lil Rat is 2″ wide instead of 1 inch like all other mini pedals.

Pros: Sounds very similar to the original Rat under Vintage mode. Turbo mode changes the pedal into the Turbo rat, introducing a fuzzier tone. Easy repairing and modification as it uses regular electronic components instead of SMD. Again, dirt cheap.

Cons: Does not look cool on your pedalboard with that cheap enclosure build quality. Obnoxiously bright blue LED requires a tape or resoldering a new LED/resistor to dim.

Little Bear R.Attack RT2

Rat Clone Dirty Turbo Vintage

A little less known Rat clone, possibly because it isn’t very affordable and the company has since disappeared. You can still find them available from time to time but the price has remained high despite being an old model. However, it is still one of the better rat clones in terms of tone. The only difference I can hear is that it sounds a little darker than the original. Though that isn’t something we can’t fix with an EQ pedal or in post.

Pros: It has 3 modes, Dirty/Turbo/Vintage, that is 3 pedals in one!

Cons: It uses cheap parts especially the pots and jacks. These will be the first to fail over time.

Mooer Black Secret

Mooer Black Secret

Not to be mistaken for Mosky, the Mooer is a different company even though they are both from China. Spotting the same mini pedal format and 2 modes of Vintage and Modern, even I got confused when I first realized they are 2 different pedals. This pedal features the same Op-Amp LM308 as the original Rat and that says a lot about the tone you can produce out of this tiny enclosure. Truly a tough fight between the 2 M.

Pros: This pedal uses the LM308 IC chip!

Cons: The tiny level and filter make it hard to see or adjust on stage with dim lighting.



We are all entitled to our opinions and legal matters should be left to the companies. As end-users, we are at the vantage point and definitely spoiled for choice! If you want something cheap and don’t see an issue with a China-made pedal? Go for it. If JHS’s 9-in-1 clone makes you drool, go for it. If you think the only right Rat is the original Rat, go for it. Because at the end of the day, the audience doesn’t care about which version of the Rat or clones you are using. They care about if your song (not tone) sounds good to them.

To find out how you can learn to play the guitar and compose cool tunes like our demo, click here.

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NUX Ace of tone

NUX Ace of Tone – The Go-to Overdrive Pedal

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NUX – Ace of Tone

Time to forget about Klon because NUX Ace of Tone does it all! This dual overdrive pedal is inspired by the Ibanez TS-808 Tubescreamer and the Marshall Bluesbreaker pedal. Both of these are highly sort after and hardly available for sale! Coincidentally, they are the go-to overdrive pedals for artists like John Mayer, SRV and Eric Clapton. So if you’re in the market for a good blues OD, you may have found something to fill up that last slot on your pedalboard.

NUX Ace of tone

You choose the order in your signal chain

One of the most annoying situations for guitarists is probably arranging the order of the pedals in the signal chain. We stick these boxes on our pedalboard using industrial strength velcros! Taking them off is not an easy task. NUX was considerate enough to allow us to change the order of the 2 effects with the pedal with a flick of a switch! Naise.

Nux Ace of tone signal chain

Sounds almost identical to the real deal

If you buy an inspired pedal in 2009, it will always be more of a joke than something that impresses. But technology and engineering have come a long way and NUX is one of the top companies today that is able to take a famous tone, analyze and create a version of their own. Of course, isn’t that what China does anyway? Copy and clone! Well let’s put it this way, Japan is the OG in reverse engineering a product, adding in their own R&D, and chute a better product back to the world. Nux is pretty much on this track!


Full video review on youtube

Words can’t share enough about this pedal. Why not view the full video review of the NUX Ace of Tone and find out for yourself?

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Squid Game Fan

This is how Squid Game Soundtrack is recorded | Its a whole new world

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Squid Game has some pretty unique soundtrack!

Squid Game FanSquid Game has soundtrack that is unlike most TV series and movies we have watched! Apart from the heavy use of Western classical music, the team has composed some really uniquely Korean soundtracks. Splashing a very strong Korean cultural flavor to the show. The director Hwang Dong-hyuk mentioned in interviews that he wanted to use children’s games played in Korea so as to add the cultural identity. We are guessing the traditional Korean sound is part of the whole package too.

Traditional Korean Music VS Western Classical Music

The show talks about how the rich bet on human lives like horse racing. A clear separation of power between the rich and poor. Our guess is that the traditional Korean soundtrack is a deliberate choice against Western classical music! Depicting the rich and the poor. The players wake up to the third movement of Haydn’s Trumpet Concerto, indicating the rich having control over the player’s life and demanding them to start their day. However, traditional Korean soundtracks will be played when the players are playing the games. If you are interested in a deeper analysis of the classical music used in this show, Classic FM wrote a great article on it!

The Squid Game Theme Song

While this tune is only heard at the start of the show when the man (assuming player 456) was explaining the game, it left a deep impression on many viewers. Using traditional musical instruments like the Daegeum(대금) and Janggu (장구), the music brought viewers back to Korea before Kpop exist! You can hear the soundtrack here.

Squid Game Intro Scene

Squid Game Intro Scene

The entire soundtrack is a masterpiece

Apart from using traditional Korean musical instruments, “I remember my name” has a very sad piano arrangement, and “The rope is tied” portrayed the mysterious feel with an electric guitar. The soundtracks are composed to help bring the particular scene alive and the success of the show. Not trying to discredit the brilliant acting or cinematography but you probably won’t feel sadness in certain scenes if these soundtracks are not done right. No, we are not going to talk about Ali or Ji-yeong. 😭

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keytar singapore

Joanna Lim wrote the toughest song ever | Parallel Vortex

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Joanna Lim wrote the toughest song, the Parallel Vortex

Joanna Lim is no stranger to composing tough songs like Parallel Vortex! In fact, there is a reason why this amazing keyboardist is a friend to the god of keyboard Jordan Rudess. However, there are more than meets the eye. We are lucky enough to sit and chat with Singapore’s goddess of the keyboard.

Joanna Lim

Firstly congratulations again on your 2 babies! Firstly your very adorable son Denver and secondly your album Parallel Vortex! Can we confirm that you are the most hardworking Mother/Musician in Singapore?

Thank you for having me, Vinnie! I guess being a mom really unlocked strengths and abilities that I never knew I had. Haha 

Being a mother is serious work! What is the driving force behind writing your album while raising a baby?

I think being a mom is really the toughest job in the world (kudos to all moms out there!). Parallel Vortex was actually written before having a kid. I told a Chinese newspaper reporter that I wanted to write something for my late dad who passed on in 2008 due to cancer.  After much procrastination and agonizing years of writing and recording, I finally got it out of the system in 2020. I was recording till my third trimester because I knew I would not have time to do so with a kid around.

keytar singapore

I know you from your Zero Sequence days! Totally impressed by those forward-tilted keyboards with fast running note actions. That was a long time ago, what has changed for you?

Age. Haha. Playing with a keyboard tilted is not good for your wrists. As time goes by, my setup for gigs becomes smaller (lazier to carry more things!) and more efficient (thanks to technology!)
I do miss those days with the adrenaline rush from all those fast notes. Nowadays, I get my adrenaline from open jams with improvisations. I love those spontaneous moments and the chance to play with many different musicians.

You play the piano, keyboard, and saxophone in your songs. If you want to introduce yourself with one of your songs, which will it be and why?

This is a tough one because every track represents different stages of my life. If I were to pick one, perhaps the first track – Parallel Vortex? The song has a mix of everything. From heavy guitar riffs, double pedals, and synth to mid-tempo fusion solos and it has a symphonic ending.  Pretty much gives you the summary of the entire album.

saxophone singapore

As a musician from Singapore, what do you have to say to budding musicians who have the aspiration to be like you?

Friendship and family first. Never sacrifice the above just to pursue your music career. Love people and the musicians, jobs, and inspiration will come to you. Be yourself. 

Do you have any juicy stories to share?

I don’t really have any juicy story to share. haha
However, do check out my husband’s albums too! Simon Yong’s second guitar instrumental album – The Nasty Catawumpus was also released in 2020. We wanted to release our albums at the same time. I guess the “healthy competition” between us pushes each other to write and record. Now we have each started writing for our next album (cannot lose out. haha)

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Amanda Tee - The Only Absolute

Amanda Tee | You can definitely relate to her new song about Covid-19

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Amanda Tee, Singapore’s folk-song enchantress wrote a tune about the Covid-19

I remember it was circa 2007 when I first saw Amanda Tee slinging the guitar the wrong way on stage, way before anyone would even entertain the idea of a Covid-19 world. We were so innocent back then and life was simpler. I initially associated her with Jimi Hendrix but quickly realized her style to be unique and entirely different from the psychedelic rock master. That young girl has since released multiple albums and singles, each better than before. In today’s post, I sat down with her to talk about her latest single, The Only Absolute.
Amanda Tee - The Only Absolute

Your new single, The Only Absolute, seems to be talking about your life experience. Can you share more about the inspiration behind this song?

Yes, you’re right! This song was written in the middle of all the uncertainty we were embroiled in last year. Not knowing what was going to happen with the pandemic getting worse and with the country in lockdown, 

This song really embodies the thought process of a lot of people last year, when they had the time to sit down and think. 

I thought about being young and hopeful, and about having grown up very lucky, with the people I love around me. About my fellow musician friends who were bummed about losing a significant part of their income without any idea when they can play again but still exploring options on how to get by in the meantime. Also, those remarks made by my comfortable middle-class friends, who felt that government assistance was too much for those who need it, “they should have been more prepared for a rainy day like this”, “we shouldn’t have to bear the tax burden for these people”. Soon I started thinking about the awfulness of the world, then when it got too deep I realized maybe I needed to get out of that black hole. I remember the people I care about and how they can be the pillars in my life to keep calm and carry on.
That’s really it. I’d thought it would be less relevant to the world by the time I released it, but I guess I thought wrong!
Amanda Tee

I know you even before you first released your music in 2014, Amnesiac. It has been 7 years since that album! What has changed?

A lot has changed since 2014. I remember I was still printing CDs when I released that album. It was just the beginning of Spotify and other music streaming platforms. Because of the increased prevalence of music streaming over the years, the emphasis is all about frequent single releases now! Rather than anticipating 2-3 years for album releases. It’s a big change. However, it’s heartwarming to see all the original artists in Singapore moving with the times and adapting to it.
Amanda Tee

Who are your songs written for?

People who enjoy folk music, old-school singer-songwriter lyrics, along with some not-so-straightforward musicality. Joni Mitchell, Bruce Springsteen, Tori Amos, and a whole lot of other songwriters have been huge influences to me.
Amanda Tee

If you have to choose a song you wrote that defines you as Amanda Tee, which is it and why?

To be honest, I think my new single The Only Absolute would be it. This song has all the instrumentations that I love in folk music and melodies that I love.

As a musician from Singapore, what do you have to say to budding musicians? Especially to those who have the aspiration to be like you?

Just do it! Don’t think too much about whether it’s the right thing to do. Don’t let anyone else do that thinking for you too. 

So what is next?

I’m planning to release a full album later in the year, so keep your ears peeled for that! Meanwhile…

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