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Rob Scallon World's Largest Pedalboard

World’s Largest Pedalboard, a Singaporean’s take!

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Rob Scallon World's Largest Pedalboard

Sweetwater and Rob Scallon sets the world record for World’s Largest Pedalboard!

If you are living under a rock, you will be delighted to learn that someone made any guitarist’s dream come true by chaining up a total of 319 effects pedal to 34 Temple Audio Duo 24 Templeboard ! A complete madness for anyone who understands what all these means. But everyone knows how this is going to turn out, a heap of noise! Still, it did not stop these adventurous people from putting it all together! I’ll put the link of the video for the world’s largest pedalboard at the bottom of this post.

But here in Singapore, if we have any talent at all, we are extremely good at setting the world records! Though some are really silly, we have some impressive records too!

World's largest pedalboard has nothing on Singapore

‘Senital’, a robot made out of 79,854 balloons by Ms Lily Tan and her team of 50 people!

  • Most number of blind dates in 12 hrs (536 was looking to get attached)
  • World’s longest Satay (140.02m!)
  • World’s largest cupcake mosaic (110.6 sq meter)
  • World’s longest Chain of Helmets (yes they basically align them next to each other)
  • Most number of Vinyl Records Smashed in 30 seconds (They destroyed 38 vinyls that day)
  • Largest Cha-cha dance (3379 participants)
  • Largest Limbo dance (1208 participants)
  • Most game of Scabble played simultaneously
  • Most game of Sudoku play simultaneously
  • Most number of people skipping simultaneoulsy
  • Largest Egg and Spoon race
  • Most number of people married in a single location in 24 hours

Point is, now that Sweetwater and Rob Scallon set the world record for the largest pedalboard, they are only sending out invitation to a boring country like Singapore to take it over. Or we may not do it at all because it seems the records our country did are usually rather nerdy! Anyway, here’s the video of the record setting event!

If you wish to skip the video,

Click here to skip all the chatter and watch him play through all the pedalboard

Click here if you want to see the part where all Hell Broke Loose!


electro harmonix pog2 polyphonic octave generator

POG2 Presets – You can’t believe your ears!

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POG2 Presets – You can’t believe your ears!

POG2 has been around in the guitar industry for a rather long time but it has never been a popular pedal. Many bought and sold it soon after because of the “limitations” of the pedal. However, these limitations are a result of the user’s imagination! Think about it, the pedal allows a massive 8 user presets to be stored and there must be a reason for that! Still on the subject of “limitations” of pedals, you may want to check out this other episode where I create TONES with Cheap China Pedals! Really interesting even for me…

In this episode, I share 4 of my presets that are guaranteed make you rethink the Electro Harmonix POG2 Polyphonic Octave Generator on your pedal board. Maybe those who don’t own one will now change their minds, and those who blacklisted it will take the listing off! To me, this is one of my must-have pedals ever since I bought it and the versatility it provides is still beyond me!